Sportsbook on Mobile Devices

Sportsbooks for mobile devices are living proof that technological advancement is here to help people live a free and disconnected life from the betting rooms or land lines and desktop devices. Sport gambling was the first on-line venue to make applications for mobile devices. It allows sport fans all over the world to place bets in a matter of minutes. People can place a bet on their favourite team as they relax on the couch at home, on a work break, while enjoying a cocktail with friends at the bar or while having a fancy dinner in a restaurant.

The first choice for a gambler should be between installing an application on his or her phone and accessing the mobile optimized web page of a sports betting site. Many on-line sport betting websites have created a dedicated application for almost all mobile devices operating systems available on the market.

Placing a bet from a mobile device via the simplified version of the desktop site follows the same steps as the desktop version, the only difference being the simplified version of the website, thus making it easier to navigate from a smaller screen. The only needed resource is wi-fi connectivity or mobile data provided by the network carrier.

The steps for placing a bet or visualizing the odds are the same as in the desktop version of the website. So are the encrypted and security data of the account and the amount of money deposited in the digital wallet of the website. Many bettors with Apple, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone have the opportunity to install apps on their mobile phone for a faster placing of bets. Many app creators have optimized their betting interface to only 4 to 7 taps for placing a bet. This brings a new level to the impatient gambler that wants to place a wager in the last minute, before his or her favourite team starts a match.

Tablets solve the problem of placing a bet from the mobile phone, which can have a bit too smaller screen even for the mobile version of the website. The bigger screen of the tablet makes the whole experience a bit more enjoyable, with the same freedom, because it is small enough to be carrier around but big enough to see much more details at the same time.

Android vs. Apple Apps

Both App Store and Google Play Store do not allow their users to feed their wagering app with money from the platform. Even if real money gambling is not allowed on their sites, many apps for iPhone and Android have been created. The only impediment is that users have to add money to their accounts via different platforms: Paypal, bank account, bitcoin digital wallet, checks or bank deposits. Indeed, the process is a bit more complex, but after it has been set up at the beginning of the app installation, it will remain there.

Windows phones, even if they are not as popular and big in number as Apple and Android, have the big advantage of allowing their users access to sports wagering sites without any problems from their smartphones or tablets.

Many sportsbooks identified and explored the fast growing market for mobile devices. Statistics show that 50% from the bets in the last year have been placed from mobile devices. Experts think that the mobile industry is worth more than billions in the present and keep gaining terrain over desktop computers or bet offices. This is the reason the most respectable betting sites have a mobile version available for any operating system.

What to Look at When Choosing a Mobile Betting Site App or Site

Security is the first and most important factor when betting with real money. Make sure that you read comments and user experiences before committing. The sensitive financial information needs to have extra protection for hackers or internet attacks which can happen often. Make sure you choose you gambling place on a professional basis, by reputation and try to contact the staff behind the website or app before feeding real money into your account. It is of real use also to connect with the staff behind the online platform.

Size of the app you will install on your mobile phone is a big discussion point too. You need to download it on your device, but also take into account that it can takes up space also after the installation. Web based applications do not require much space, they will sometimes create cache or cookies to easier access the website the second time, but all these can be deleted with any memory cleaner.

Some apps might not be free either. Look if they really are worth the money and the effort to buy them and consider that placing a bet from the mobile website version is always free.