Betser Android App Review

Online gaming is about to go up a step with the introduction of the new android Betser app. The app is just the latest in a long line of new releases from Hero Gaming who are well-known across the industry for their many Casino Brands.

The foray into smartphone and android gaming is a huge leap forward for the company who up until recently have largely focused on desktop gaming rather than mobile devices. However, with the swift transition of online media moving to desktop, it is a necessary and welcome step. This move is not only about a technological development but it is also a radical shift in what it offers people who download the app. Betser is not just about betting like some of the traditional offerings from the company, rather it is about putting the emphasis on the player who is interested in sports. It offers them something different to the traditional options which are currently available; a new generation of players are about to be born.

One of the most prominent features of Betser is the emphasis that it puts on loyalty, In a market which is saturated with many gaming options, they understand that they have to stand out to retain their customers. They have achieved this by offering a reward to the player every time that you bet, therefore even if you lose you get something back. There are two distinct rewards which players can receive from Betser on the android app, these are called ball points and brain points.

A player will receive ball points if they make a high odds bet, or in other words, if they take a risk, with brain points being offered for those who make low odds bets, for those who are using their brain to place a bet which has a much higher chance of winning. Once you have collected a sufficient number of points in the form of brains or balls you can head to the locker room which is where you can retrieve your points for either free spins or free bets. Other rewards which are offered by the Betser android app include, but are not limited to, the bet booster (pre-selected best market odds), money back offers (which are available on both brain and balls bets) and twosome and threesome bonuses if you make the respective amount of bets and win.

As the Betser android app has been curated with a great emphasis on player experience, one of the major highlights of the app is the league structure which is generated to resemble the structure of a football league. Just as a team would if they were playing in a real life competitive league, you collect points from all the successful bets which you place, in addition to your regular rewards. If you are one of the most successful players then you can climb the league and you might eventually reach the premier league. However, complacency should not be taken for granted, if you don’t maintain your winning streak then your place at the top of the league will be sacrificed and you will be relegated, just as a team would if playing in the premiership.

This playful feature has been enabled to add a sense of fun for those who are casual gamblers while keeping the stakes high for those who like to take things a little more seriously. This way, as well as playing against the Betser android app, you are also actively playing against other participants heightening the risk, fun and the thrill of winning.

As well as the improved and innovative content provided by the game, there are also several technical features which have been implemented to make it easier. There are multiple ways which you can add credit to the android app including bank transfer, Credit card, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, Puggle Pay, e-Pro. The app is also available in a number of languages which in addition to English includes Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Japanese, German. The game will of course always be in the language which you select but you are still able to compete with players of other nationalities in reference to the league tables.

Hero Gaming is one of the biggest providers of gaming on the market and they have really listened to their customers and provided them with the next level experience when it comes to their android app. With added rewards, a sleek, friendly interface plus the addition of the league table, the new app manages to encapsulate the traditional gambling format while adding an element of fun to the proceedings. And, no matter whether you’re a serious gambler or just somebody who likes to dabble now and again, the multiple payment methods and several language platforms make the process easy and accessible for anybody who wants to play.