Earn Cash Playing an iOS App

Newest App in Hero Gaming

Welcome to Betser and the newest iOS app from Hero Gaming! Need a twist on the old virtual style of gaming? This virtual world will bring you on a journey you could never imagine. With Betser, Hero Gaming has created an incredible virtual platform with a spin on the old tired sportsbook style of gaming. This new and innovative platform offers something that the old world of virtual gaming has been missing. Play along and earn points as well as chances for big time cash payouts while you’re on the go with the iOS app.

There has been nothing like Betser in the past as Betser integrates multiple player platforms into one huge gaming community where players are given the power to earn huge cash bonuses. This is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. Never before have you been able to gain points towards rewards while gambling and playing other games in such a creative and modern format that integrates multiple forms of gaming, strategy and chance.
Don’t miss out on your chance to make big time money by applying your skills in any style of gaming. This modern platform allows for a combination of cash earning play where all gaming formats are included. Can you believe it? No matter where you play, no matter which game you choose, with Betser, you collect points. You can choose which type of points you earn as you go while gaining yourself numerous opportunities at cash prizes!

Core Concepts

The core concepts of Betser’s new spin on Hero Gaming makes use of two types of points.

  • Brain Points – Low Odd Bets
  • Balls Points – High Odd Bets

Every time you make a high or low odd bet, you collect a brain or a balls points. Each player, for each play, on any game. This format is completely innovative and allows you to earn cash while playing iOS Betser app.
Don’t forget about the amazing bonuses such as twosome and threesome, bet booster and moneyback.
Betser is giving away thousands of chances to win money at every corner in gaming. These bonuses are wildly successful at winning you money, buying giving you better odds on your bets, giving you extra balls or bets and even doubling or tripling your payout! It’s pretty amazing all the wonderful things that you can do with the Betser iOS app, but it doesn’t end there.

Betser has developed this gaming platform with a built in league for all players. This gaming platform has made it possible to compete against others in a larger community of gamers. Earning cash, playing for fun and playing for strategy are all massive parts the success of this movement in gaming. Make sure you download the iOS app and don’t miss any opportunities to huge rewards at the same time as cash payouts.

Even as a novice player, you can move up quickly just by collecting points in whichever game you choose to play. Keep tally of your progress in different gaming venues and watch out for where others are on the scoreboard. Make sure you keep playing to stay ahead of the others and constantly collect yourself rewards before someone else! Bet big or small and you’ll still be ahead in Betser. Download the iOS app to become part of this virtual gaming movement.

Something for Everyone

This innovative experience is giving gamers the chance to prove themselves and their gaming abilities. Anyone can win with Betser, but the best competitors will make it all the way to the top. When you collect points for your bets, you climb up the table; if you’re not in the top, don’t worry, you can always fight for promotion. At the end of the two-week period, you might just move up!

Opportunities for advancement are everywhere, but be advised, if you do poorly, you could be relegated as well! Who doesn’t want to see if they can one up other players and make it to the top? Betser will quench your thirst for competition in all aspects of gaming and gambling. There are constantly all forms of prizes up for grabs in this league so it’s important to keep gathering points and stay loyal to the program.

Virtual games and live betting are just the beginning of what Betser has to offer. Sportsbook, casino, virtual games and live betting are just the beginning of games to explore with Betser. It’s amazing all the ways that you can collect points in the Betser community and use those points to grow your bank account! Make yourself familiar with the feeling of a wad of cash in your pocket if you can be one of the ones to beat Betser. Be part of something bigger than yourself and step up a level into the gaming world of Betser.